Sultan and Scumbag

A play for small sultans and their grown-ups

All the Sultan does, is marrying - and even that used to be more fun. His 100 wives serve him day and night. What does he do, you ask? He sits high above his mountain of pillows, watching the ocean. Bored, because nothing ever happens.

"What fun ist that?", his new servant asks. But the Sultan has no answer. He doesn't know about fun. Neither does he know about "tasties", holiday vacations, a Sultan's spittle, or falling asleep wthout an orchestra. "High time for a change!", his new servant decides. And so he makes his Sultan tumble down his pillow mountain, who inevitably lands  - BHAM - on his graceful bottom. "You are a Kotzbrocken", the Sultan shouts, yet enjoying, that finally something is going on in his palace! With a servant like Kotzbrocken, the Sultan's lazy life is about to become quite exciting.

„Sultan and Kotzbrocken“ is a German-Iranian coproduction of the KiTZ Theaterkumpanei and the Taatr Mani from Teheran. Together, those two ensembles develop a bilingual production, to be played in Germany and Iran. The thrilling part: No less than six versions of this play will be staged, joining and combining different actors from the two different countries, playing different variations of the text. Performances will be held in German, Farsi and a mix of both languages, depending on where the production is played.


Players: Anali Shakoori, Bärbel Maier, Hamed Zahmatkesh, Mehdi Farshidi Sepehr, Peer Damminger und Uwe Heene
Adaptation: Bärbel Maier
Translation: Sepideh Khalili
Costumes: Gabi Kinscherf
Puppets: Sandy Burke-Späth
Suitable for children of 4 years or older
Original Copyright: Claudia Schreiber

Scene "Sultan takes a bath" from four different mixed versions of the play. Performances in Ludwigshafen and Teheran, May and June 2010.


Scene: "What is "taste"?" - german-iranian version in Ludwigshafen