Philomena´s Feet

adapted from Agnes Desarthes

Philomena is a charwoman, but she is not very talented. As a matter of fact she wishes to be a gold digger instead. She loves to clean for the philosopher Paul, who she secretly adores.

For everyone who doesn’t know, a philosopher is just a lazy person who stands around all day, doesn’t do anything and always knows everything better. But neither does he know how to handle a broom, nor what to do with Philomena. He doesn’t even look at her. Not a single time.

She presents him a diamond. No, he doesn’t want it. Then she wants to give him an apple. No, he doesn’t need one. At last she finds a very special, wonderful gift: a crocodile. But no, he doesn’t want it. Paul even commands Philomena to release the dangerous animal back into freedom.

As she tries to please her master´s will, the crocodile bites off both of her feet. Now the inhabitants of the nearby village, who always respected Paul as a very wise and mighty person, turn against him...

,,Philomena´ s feet’’ is an unbelievably gentle story about love, performed by two painters, who actually just wanted to repaint an old rocking horse.

With: Bärbel Maier, Peer Damminger, Uwe Heene oder Frieder Funk

Adaption: Bärbel Maier
Costumes: Gabi Kinscherf
Stage: Peer Damminger
Music: Frieder Funk, Uwe Heene
Targetgroup: ab 5 Jahren
Copyright: at the playwright