Max and Moritz

Tales of Tricky Treats by Wilhelms Busch

Probably being the very inventor of comic books, Wilhelm Busch earned his worldwide fame for his tales of "Max and Moritz". In celebration of Busch's 100th birthday, KiTZ presents its original stage-adaptation of the stories around two really nasty boys.

Following the creative footsteps of famous Karl Valentin, Bärbel Maier and Uwe Heene show all the aspects of their enormous humorous talents: enacting and reciting the vicious pranks and tricks of Max and Moritz, using the marvelous original verses for their stimulating performance while presenting Busch's incomparable cartoons in a unique dramatic ballad.

Players: Bärbel Maier und Uwe Heene
Director: Peer Damminger
Costumes: Gabi Kinscherf
Suitable for children of 5 years or older