Doktor Auwieweh

Musical by Bärbel Maier, based on a Russian fairy tale

Doktor Auwieweh is the friend of all animals. He can heal all terrible wounds of all the animals in the forest. 

But one day, the famous veterinary receives an urgent message from the rivers of Limpopo in Africa. Hippopo, a hippopotamus tells him about all the animals, big or small, that have become sick in Limpopo. And nobody's there, who could cure them.

While on his way, Doktor Auwieweh soon gets lost in the width of an icy winter's landscape.So the Doktor needs help from a lot of friends, until he finally arrives in Africa, by the rivers of Limpopo.

Players: Bärbel Maier and Peer Damminger
Director: Bärbel Maier
Music: Bärbel Maier, Stefanie Titus and Frank Ruppert
Costumes and Scenery: Natascha Toporova
Suitable for children of 4 years or older

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