Clockwork Orange

by Anthony Burgess

The attention grabbing novel by Anthony Burgess about Alex and his ,,droogs,, was published in 1962 and was put on screen in the 70s by Stanley Kubrik.

What at the time was seen as a pessimistic vision of the future now has become totally normal in todays society. In fact many streets are owned by the violence of desorientated youngsters. Even in Germany!

Anthony Burgess tells the story about a perpetrator who turns into a victim. Alex is 15 years old and he is the leader of a violent youth gang. After sunset they use to get high on drugs, assault people and start crazy knife fights with other gangs. When suddenly a woman dies during one of their raids, his ,,droogs,, betray him and Alex ends up in jail.

There, he is supposed to take part in an experimental therapy with the goal to ,,heal,, him from his addiction to violence. Because they promise him his freedom he is willing to start the experiment. Now the joy of senseless violence turns into acrid nausea and his sexual desire into pure pain.

Is a human being, that can’t decide between good and evil still to be called a human being? Now said to be healed, Alex becomes the victim of police violence and the revenge of his old ,,droogs,,


Alex: Philipp Leinenbach
Director: Peer Damminger
Assistent: Hannah Romeike, Kerstin Despov
Costume: Gabi Kinscherf
Video/Videocut: Peer Damminger, Uwe Heene
Fotos: Kerstin Despov
Stage: Peer Damminger
Targetgroup: ab 15 Jahren
Copyright: Thomas Sessler Verlag, Wien

Clockwork Orange is a coproduction of the KiTZ Theaterkumpanei and the Theater in the Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen

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