Here you will find all plays we play for you.
Philomena´s Feet
Philomena´s Feetadapted from Agnes Desarthes   > more
Clockwork Orange
Clockwork Orangeby Anthony Burgess   > more
Sultan and Scumbag
Sultan and ScumbagA play for small sultans and their grown-ups   > more
Max and Moritz
Max and MoritzTales of Tricky Treats by Wilhelms Busch   > more
Doktor Auwieweh
Doktor AuwiewehMusical by Bärbel Maier, based on a Russian fairy tale   > more
Zeraldas Recipes
Zeraldas RecipesA menu for gigantic hunger   > more
It came to pass in those days
It came to pass in those daysThe Christmas Tale   > more
Alvin and Violet
Alvin and VioletA play, adapted from the book by Rafik Schami   > more