Welcome to KiTZ – Theaterkumpanei

Being one of the oldest free ensembles in the area of the Rhein-Neckar-Region, KiTZ is based at the city of Ludwigshafen. The work of KiTZ is supported and funded by the magistrate of Ludwigshafen as well as the regional government of Rheinland Pfalz.

Founded in 1989 under the name "Theater Montage", we - being the artists involved - started to produce theatre for children and young adults in 1995. Since then, we have been publishing our work under the name and label of "KiTZ". Most KiTZ-productions - for children, for young (and older) adults - have been honoured with considerable awards.

Every year, up to three new productions are developped, introducing new guest artists and experimenting with new dramatic methods. All our plays have been opening in Ludwigshafen. As the core of our work, they cover a wide range of topics, we care about.

All productions can be sent on tour and be shown in any suitable place. So far, we have been playing all over Germany. We performed in schools, kindergardens, churches or theatres. Almost anything is possible, when booking KiTZ!
Feel free to ask about touring conditions.


KiTZ are:

Peer Damminger
Bärbel Maier
Uwe Heene